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VBS Summer Camp 2024

VBS is a week-long adventure for kids like no other! In five fun-packed days, kids will experience God’s love and grace through fantastic storytelling, adrenaline-fueled games, creatively-inspired crafts, high-energy songs, and an amazing opportunity to impact people around the world! Register now to reserve your spot!

We Love Kids

That’s why we designed a fun, interactive space just for them. With music, games, activities and storytelling, kids learn from the Bible and about God’s love every week. Our kids church service runs at the same time as the adult service. With programs for ages 0 to 5th grade, each child is taught in an age-appropriate, loving environment.

We Love Moms and Dads

We provide resources so you can enjoy the service without worry. Our computerized check in/check out and texting systems save time, increase classroom security and provide easy accessibility to families attending our church. We also offer individual attention from a dedicated volunteer for children with disabilities. We offer a Nursing Mothers Room inside the Worship Center and changing tables at Mariners Kids for parents with infants.

If you have any other questions please contact us: [email protected]

Faith Milestones

  • Baptism
  • Child Dedication


Most believers make the decision to follow Jesus as a child or teenager. This is why so many of our baptisms feature kids following Jesus in this very important step. It is very important that every child being baptized truly understand their decision to follow Jesus and to be baptized. To ensure kids are ready for baptism and to help parents lead their kids in their spiritual journey, we offer monthly baptism classes. We LOVE seeing kids take this big step in their faith and we look forward to celebrating your child’s baptism with you!


How old does my child need to be? Every child is unique and may come to understand the Gospel at different ages. Although we are open to exceptions, we generally offer baptism classes for kids in 2nd grade and older. If your child is younger, please let us know as we would love to have a conversation with you before the class.

How do I know if my child is ready? That’s a great question and this is precisely why we offer the Baptism Class. Knowing if your child is ready should be clear after the class. For those who are not yet ready, the content from the class will help parents continue the conversation in the coming months. In time, they will be ready and we ask that you attend the class again so we can help prepare you and them for the next step.

How do I attend a Baptism Class? Currently, our Baptism Classes are all online and offered every month. Our Baptism Class zoom call is an interactive experience and we prefer that at least one parent attends with your child.

How do I schedule a Baptism? You’ll find our next Baptism Class listed below under Upcoming Events. Register for the class and we’ll contact you with all the details.

Child Dedication

Child Dedication

One of the best ways to prioritize faith for your child is through Child Dedication. Child Dedication is actually the first major faith milestone for kids at Mariners and it gives parents the opportunity to pause and intentionally prioritize some things in regard to their kids. For parents to have a full understanding and context regarding the important role they play within the dedication, parents are required to complete an online registration form and attend a dedication class before signing up for an upcoming Dedication Celebration.


Is this the same thing as baptism? Mariners Church does not offer infant baptism as we believe that a child must be old enough to understand what it means to put his/her faith in Christ before he/she can be baptized.

How young does my child need to be? We usually dedicate children who are three years old or younger. However, we often have unique circumstances where a parent wants to dedicate older children to the Lord. Ultimately, Child Dedication has a major emphasis on a parents commitment to spiritually leading their children, regardless of their age.

Who needs to attend the class? We offer multiple classes before each Child Dedication (both online and in-person) to give parents a few options. We ask that both parents attend the class. Your child does not need to attend.

What if I have attended the class before? If you have attended a Child Dedication Class for a previous child in the last 2-3 years, you will not need to attend this class again. Contact us and we will send you details on our next Child Dedication so you can register. However, families are always welcome to attend the class a second time.

Can friends/family participate? Yes! We actually believe that Child Dedication is best experienced surrounded by a circle of friends and family who will support you and your child in the coming years.

How do I register for Child Dedication? You’ll find our next Child Dedication Class listed below under Upcoming Events. Register for the class and we’ll contact you with all the details.

Volunteer with Mariners Kids

Gifted and caring volunteers bring the message of Jesus to life while connecting with others as they serve. Adults and students are placed as volunteers based on gifts and availability. They serve passionately to make a difference in the lives of our kids. We also invite parents to serve with Mariners Kids because we believe it’s important for parents to model serving and invest in the lives of the future generation. 

If you are interested in finding out more ways to Say Yes to Mariners Kids, submit the Volunteer Application below. 

Special Needs

At Mariners, it’s our privilege and passion to serve children, teens, and adults with a wide variety of special needs, including Autism, Down syndrome, and ADHD. We understand that having a child with special needs is life-changing. Please know that it’s our heart for every individual to be supported and given the chance to engage with their peers and feel a sense of belonging. We would be honored to accommodate your loved one, and we would love to get to know you. At our Huntington Beach congregation we have programming during our 8:30a service.

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