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Join us each week for relevant teaching that inspires us to follow Jesus and fearlessly change the world. Each week we will hear from one of our pastors or guest speakers and you will be challenged toward new growth, faith and ways to live that out into the world.

The gospel is a gift available to us every day. Each year, Mariners Church selects an Annual Read to help us reflect, and apply the truth of God’s Word to our lives. Tune in daily as we seek to look, sound, and live more like Jesus and grow in our understanding of His mercy and grace.

A weekly resource for Mariners Church Life Group leaders following along with the weekend teaching series. We will explore the primary scripture, walk through each discussion section, and discover ways to integrate spiritual rhythms into our life groups.

An enormous amount of preparation goes into each Mariners weekend message. Eric scours through Scripture, commentaries, books, and speaks with subject matter experts on each topic we cover. More often than not, he ends up with too much content and not enough time to share it all. If I Had More Time is a podcast series that invites you into a casual conversation with Eric and the teaching team at Mariners to hear a few of the helpful insights and truths they wished they had time to include in the weekend message.

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