The Art Of Skillful Living

October 25 - November 15, 2020

Some people meaninglessly wander through life. But to lead a meaningful life requires the skill of living wisely. Join us for our series, The Art of Skillful Living, and discover God’s instructions to living life with intentionality. Learn how checking your influences, finding freedom from worry, fearing the Lord, and walking in His ways equips you to wisely, skillfully, and purposefully navigate this life.

Series Curriculum

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Life Groups at Mariners focus on emphasizing the value in sharing life together as a church family. It is a place where you’ll learn about God’s work in others’ lives and a safe place to share your about story. These groups are the people that will celebrate with you on your good times and help encourage you through the difficult times. Life groups can also help bring wisdom and discernment for your life by being a team of accountability, and most importantly, providing a sense of belonging.

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