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We need practical tools to actually live out the Bible's teaching to love well. Our ability to communicate in a healthy way and resolve conflicts successfully remains one of the most challenging areas for Christ followers. All single individuals, age 40+ are welcome to join us! This course begins on Monday, October 11th and ends on Monday, December 6th.

This 9-week course equips participants with 8 practical skills to love others well, as mature followers of Jesus.

• Equips people with 8 practical skills to love others well as mature followers of Jesus.

• Transforms the culture of our churches by offering new language, new tools, and new strategies to break through relational roadblocks.

The EH Relationships Course includes powerful skills developed over 20 years:

• Check Your Community Temperature Reading

• Stop Mind Reading and Clarify Expectations

• Genogram Your Family

• Explore The Iceberg

• Listen Incarnationally

• Climb the Ladder to Integrity

• Fight Cleanly

• Develop a “Rule of Life” to Implement Your New Learnings

Childcare Available. Please register here.

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