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Once at 7/24/2021 4:00 PM


North Irvine
High School and Junior High students are invited this Saturday for a night of fun, connection, and conversation as we begin the transition towards fall and a new normal. Come enjoy games and food along with conversation around how to invite God into the next season as our students journey out of isolation.

Starts: Saturday, July 24 at 4pm
Ends for Middle School: Saturday, July 24 at 9pm
Ends for High School: Sunday, July 25 at 1pm
Location: 12 Cerrito, Irvine, CA 92612
Cost: $20

High school students are permitted to stay overnight, where as middle school students will be picked up at 9pm. 


Sat, 24
4-5: Arrivals
5-6:30: Park/Games (Capture the flag/three legged race)
6:30-7:30: Dinner (Pizza and Ice cream)
7:30-9: Discussion and Small group (Middle School Students get picked up after)
9-11: Movie

Sun, 25
6:30-7:30 Wake up and get ready (pick up donuts on the way to church)
8:00 Church

What to bring?

  • Sleeping bag/blanket and pillow
  • Toiletries (toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, towel, etc.)
  • Please bring one small snack that will be shared with the group
  • Bible & notebook
  • Your regular, prescribed medication(s)

Questions, contact Leah McVay at [email protected] or 727-249-3888.

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