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Aerial view of Mariners Church Irvine


Once at 5/6/2023 8:00 AM


All Campuses
Mariners Irvine - 5001 Newport Coast Dr., Irvine - Community Center
Join the Men of Mariners from all our congregations on Saturday, May 6 in the Community Center at Mariners Irvine for a great breakfast, powerful worship, a live interview with Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles and biblical message from Paul "WOZ" Wozniak.

Paul “Woz” Wozniak has attended Mariners Church for over 40 years! He has served as a ministry leader, Bible study teacher, Elder (chairman), and Trustee (chairman). Woz’s formal education is in business, law, and finance. In his prior career, Woz owned and operated a successful accounting, tax, investment and business consulting practice. After 25 years in business, God called Woz out of the corporate world to do Bible research, to write, and to teach. As part of his research, Woz spent many months trekking through remote parts of the Middle East, documenting hundreds of biblical sites with pictures and videos. Due to the location of many of the sites, Woz often faced perilous situations. Many have heard Woz teach the Bible, but few have heard his story. At the Men’s Breakfast, Woz is not only going to share his story, for the very first time, he is going to show pictures and artifacts of a biblical site that will blow your mind!

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