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Aerial view of Mariners Church Irvine


Once at 10/7/2023 8:00 AM


All Campuses
Mariners Irvine - 5001 Newport Coast Dr., Irvine - Community Center
Join the Men of Mariners from all our congregations on Saturday, October 7 in the Community Center at Mariners Irvine for a great breakfast, powerful worship, and an inspirational message from Navy SEAL and Best Selling Author of SEAL of God, Chad Williams.

Serving his country proudly through multiple deployments on SEAL Teams One and Seven, Chad Williams continued to hone the technical skills, tactical proficiency and attention to detail that our nation's best warriors adhere to. Today Chad is a bestselling author of his book, SEAL of God; has been a frequent guest on major news networks, and a national keynote speaker. Drawing from his experiences as a Navy SEAL, Chad relates the price of earthly freedom purchased in the bloodshed of warriors on the battlefield; to the cost of eternal freedom paid in full through the blood of the Savior at the Cross. 

Childcare Available

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