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Sat • May 22 • 8:30a-8p

The mountains are calling and you MUST GO!

It's been just shy of 2 years since the Men of Mariners experienced MAN CAMP at Forest Home and it's time we returned. Man Camp is a place to connect with God, be in His creation and connect with other men. Although it's just 1 day on the mountain you can bet it's going to be packed full of awesomeness. You simply don't want to miss it! The truth is you need a day away to connect with Jesus in His creation and some time to have fun and connect in fellowship with other men, so regardless of proximity the mountains are calling and you must GO!

What to expect?
You can expect some amazing worship in the mountains, Dan and Meal Team 6 will provide 2 incredible meals to enjoy, crazy amounts of fun and laughter, free time to connect to God and others, powerful biblical messages, skits, the annual raffle, the legendary Mancathlon and so much more!

Price: $60
Includes Man Camp tee
2 meals

Date/ Location/ Time:
Sat, May 22 - 8:30a - 8p
Forest Home, Forest Falls
Check-in 8:30 - 9:30a
Closing prayer 8p

For any questions and scholarship information, please contact Nancy: [email protected].
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