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HB Relationship Foundations Winter 2021


Tuesday • 7:00p - 8:30p



Our Relationship Foundations program is a 7-week course for couples who are seriously dating or engaged. Hosted by some of Mariners HBs Pastors. The curriculum follows Relationship experts Les & Leslie Parrott as they lead you through their 7-week video series. They will cover 7 key questions that will help couples identify and overcome stumbling blocks to building a healthy, lifelong marriage.

  • Session 1: Have You Faced The Myths of Marriage Honestly?
  • Session 2: Can you Identify Your Love Style?
  • Session 3: Have You Developed the Habit of Happiness?
  • Session 4: Can You Say What You Mean & Understand What You Hear?
  • Session 5: Have You Bridged The Gender Gap?
  • Session 6: Do You Know How To Have a Good Fight?
  • Session 7: Are You And Your Partner Soul Mates?

  • Who: Couples in serious relationships or engaged
    What: 7-week group classes to develop a deep relational foundation.
    Cost: 34$(plus shipping) for the curriculum (one bundle per couple) You must order yourself. Link to purchase provided upon registration.
    What is included: Expert teaching in relevant fields. Curriculum is not included and must be ordered and received prior to the start of class. The cost of the couples bundle curriculum is $34 plus shipping.

    Location • Mariners Church, Huntington Beach 7822 Warner Ave. Huntington Beach, CA 92647
    Contact • [email protected].
    Please make sure to register yourself and your significant other separately, there is no cost for the class but you will be required to purchase the curriculum prior to the start of the class from and shipped to you. The cost of the Couples Bundle is $34.00 plus shipping. The bundle includes one Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts book, one Workbook for Women, and one Workbook for Men. It is imperative that you have these to participate in the class. The link to purchase the bundle will be provided to you upon registration. Only 1 bundle is needed.

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