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Weekly: Tuesdays at 9:30 AM


NOW THAT FAITH HAS COME, a study of Galatians by Beth and Melissa Moore Tuesday Mornings 9:30-11:30am Sep 14 – Dec 7 $35

Come join us as we study the book of Galatians – learn about your freedom in Christ, how salvation comes only by trusting in Him and how the Holy Spirit empowers you. 

•You will be reminded that following the law is not how you receive acceptance with Christ, but by his awesome grace through your faith in Him. 

•You will discover that you are truly free in Christ and that you can use your freedom to beautifully love others. 

•You will be reassured that the Holy Spirit works within you producing beautiful spiritual fruit, including love, joy, peace, plus others. 

Beth’s timely, dynamic 35-minute videos were filmed in our own Mariners Chapel. We are a fun-loving, caring group of women who look forward to welcoming you to study these beautiful truths together. Women of all ages are welcome!  

You may sign up with your own group or if you are new, you will be assigned to a group! 

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