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Once at 10/1/2022 8:00 AM


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Mariners Irvine - 5001 Newport Coast Dr., Irvine - Community Center
Join the Men of Mariners on Saturday, Oct 1 in the Community Center at Mariners Irvine for a great breakfast, powerful worship, and an inspiring message from Fernando Arroyo who served courageously in the U.S. Army and considers himself privileged to serve those who served our country, with the new goal of ending deaths by veteran suicide.

Fernando works as the Veterans Program Director at Step Forward Academy as a coach and mentor for veterans transitioning back into civilian life. He helps them develop a career path to a living wage and connects them to a healthy community. "When I returned home from my latest deployment in the U.S. Army, my life began to fall apart. One night, after heavy drinking, I placed my 1911 pistol in my mouth and thought a prayer---silence." Fernando's story will move and inspire you to pray for and look for every opportunity to help our nation's veterans. Fernando authored the book, "The Shadow of Death," which shares his story in detail. He is one of the Men of Mariners and calls Mariners Tustin his home church; he was our speaker at G4 last March. www.paratrooperarroyo.com

Gather the awesome guys in your life and join us for an inspiring, catalytic morning with the Men of Mariners and Fernando Arroyo where we’ll be challenged to live boldly for Jesus, every day.

Mariners Irvine Community Center

5001 Newport Coast Dr, Irvine 

Cost $15 ~ Day of the event registration $20 ~ Childcare Available

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