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Once at 8/14/2022 1:00 PM


Ministry Center - Room 208
Being a physical, emotional and/or spiritual caregiver for a loved one is hard work. It can feel relentless, isolating and thankless. We want you to know that we see your love and dedication. As we learn as a church how the Holy Spirit comforts, encourages, gifts and sends us, please allow Him to care for you as you come alongside others. You’re invited for two unique afternoons of soul care and encouragement. Listen to lived stories, get expert resourcing from a Gospel-centered perspective, and enjoy a time of rest and reflection in the company of those who know the journey well.

On Sunday, August 14th at 1p, we will explore the spiritual landscape of being a caregiver, and the implications it can have on your faith journey, touching topics such as wrestling with difficult emotions and spiritual guilt. 

On Sunday, August 28th at 1p, we will think practically and creatively about personal boundaries involved in caregiving and various ways to access care for ourselves (separate registration).

Lunch and childcare will be provided. 

Click here to register for childcare.

This is the registration site for the August 14th event. Please click here to register for the August 28th workshop: Caring for the Caregiver.

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