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Aerial view of Mariners Church Irvine


Once at 9/24/2022 6:30 PM


Community Center
Come to the Saturday service at 5:30p at Mariners Irvine then join us afterwards for Marriage Matters!

We will share laughter, dinner, and practical tools to strengthen your marriage or relationship. Bring your spouse or significant other and unwind with some humor, helpful tools, and a delicious dinner. Our seating is open so sit with your spouse, join other couples at a table, or grab your neighbors and friends.

Speaker • Doug Fields
Location • Community Center
Cost • $20 per couple - includes dinner
Childcare is available and there will also be an event planned for Jr. High and High School students to attend. 

Please note, if Childcare reaches a "full" status, a limited number of walk-in registrations may be available at 6:45p. 

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