Junior High (JHM)

Junior High | Mission Viejo

JHM is a place where students can come learn and experience how to HONOR God with their life. We work hard to create a space where our students can feel free to be themselves, wrestle with the way of life that Jesus calls them into, and to respond to Him in a way that is honoring and authentic. If you are in junior high or know someone in junior high, then we would love to have you involved in JHM.

If you have any questions about JHM, contact Kristen:

Summer in JHM is all about getting connected! We want to know you and we want you to know us. We will be doing a lot of fun things on Wednesday nights in addition to Weekend Services, and end with JHM SUMMER CAMP!

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campus-jhm-weekendsWeekend Experience

When & Where: Sundays at 9a and 11a in the Upper Room.

6-8th Grade students, join us in the Upper Room every Sunday morning at 9a or 11a for our worship services. It’s a welcoming environment where we learn what God says about us and how we can apply that to our lives. Come have fun with people you like! Caring, committed, consistent adult leaders are there to support, encourage and hang with you as you grow and learn.

campus-jhm-life-groupsLife Groups

Connecting Christians together, Into an authentic community, to become Disciples of Jesus.

When & Where: Wednesdays from 7p to 8:30p in homes around our community. Groups have been formed, but get on the waiting list below so we can connect you the minute we have an opening.

If you are looking to grow into a deeper relationship with God, add depth to your walk with Christ, find Christian friends, get connected, have fun – then Life Groups are for you!

Our JHM Life Groups exist to give students a place to connect with other Christians and to grow deeply as authentic followers of Jesus. Life Groups meet in homes in the Mission Viejo Area and are led by assigned leaders who are committed to teach, encourage, and provide vision, direction, and support to each student within the group. JHM Life Groups work hard to ensure that each student can ask questions, challenge their peers, and connect together in community, to have tangible, noticeable growth.

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We believe serving is how our students life out their faith by seeing and meeting the needs of others. We can put God’s words into action and be the loving neighbor we are called to be. We have conversations, build relationships, and show others that God loves them, knows them, accepts them and that they have a place to belong in His family.


Interested in being part of the Student Ministry Worship Team?

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Student Leadership

Love God. Love students.

It is our desire to significantly impact the lives of students in our community – and we can’t do it alone! We need caring adult leaders who love God to join us in loving students.

Being a Jr. High student can be rough. Think back to when you were that age. The problems of today’s student may look different than when you were growing up, but the feelings are the same. Students are looking for love, acceptance, and consistency in an otherwise inconsistent world.

Right now, more than ever, what students need are leaders to walk alongside them, to share their lives, and share the life-giving message of Jesus; to model what it means to follow him, and help them navigate through their teenage years.

If you are interested, start by filling out the Student Leadership Application.

We look forward to getting you involved as a Mariners Mission Viejo Student Ministries Volunteer.

campus-jhm-parent-ministryParent Ministry

We want every student to have a person who knows them and a place to belong, so we invest in our partnership with parents.

We love our parents, You are, and always will be, the greatest influence in the life of your teenager. Research proves it time and again your voice as a parent is the loudest in your students life. That is why now is the greatest opportunity for you to make a forever impact in the life of your teenager. It is also a great opportunity for us at Mariners Church Student Ministries to partner with you and cheer you on in the process. For that reason, we are launching some ways for parents to be involved, to be engaged and to have a clear voice in our ministries. Jesus meant for us to do ministry together, so lets do it!

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