Junior High (JHM)

Junior High | Huntington Beach

Our JHM Weekend Experience provides a place where our students can come to learn and experience how to HONOR God with their life. They learn to do this through example, experience, and relationship. They learn to do this in worship through music, teaching, serving, and fun with the JHM community. We work hard to create a space where our students can feel free to be themselves, wrestle with the way of life that Jesus is calling them into, and to respond to Him in a way that is honoring and authentic. If you are in junior high or know someone in junior high, then we would love to have you at our JHM weekend services.

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campus-jhm-weekendsWeekend Experience

When & Where: Sundays at 8:30a and 10a in the Storytime Theater (Upstairs)

campus-jhm-life-groupsLife Groups

Connecting Christians together, Into an authentic community, to become Disciples of Jesus.

When & Where: Various nights based on grade and gender.

If you are looking to grow into a deeper relationship with God, add depth to your walk with Christ, find Christian friends, get connected, have fun – then Life Groups are for you!

Our JHM Life Groups exist to give students a place to connect with other Christians and to grow deeply as authentic followers of Jesus. Life Groups meet in homes in the Huntington Beach Area and are led by assigned leaders who are committed to teach, encourage, and provide vision, direction, and support to each student within the group. JHM Life Groups work hard to ensure that each student can ask questions, challenge their peers, and connect together in community, to have tangible, noticeable growth.

Sessions: Enrollment is available throughout the year


We believe serving is how our students life out their faith by seeing and meeting the needs of others. We can put God’s words into action and be the loving neighbor we are called to be. We have conversations, build relationships, and show others that God loves them, knows them, accepts them and that they have a place to belong in His family.

campus-jhm-parent-ministryParent Ministry

We want every student to have a person who knows them and a place to belong, so we invest in our partnership with parents.

We love our parents, You are, and always will be, the greatest influence in the life of your teenager. Research proves it time and again your voice as a parent is the loudest in your students life. That is why now is the greatest opportunity for you to make a forever impact in the life of your teenager. It is also a great opportunity for us at Mariners Church Student Ministries to partner with you and cheer you on in the process. For that reason, we are launching some ways for parents to be involved, to be engaged and to have a clear voice in our ministries. Jesus meant for us to do ministry together, so lets do it!

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Upcoming Events

Service Times & Address

Huntington Beach Central Library Theater
7111 Talbert Ave., Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Sundays: 8:30a, 10a, 11:30a & 6p
Children’s programs at each service.
Junior High programs at 8:30a & 10a only.
High School program Thursday evenings.

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