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Chapel Sanctuary on the Irvine Campus
Financial issues are often a major obstacle on our journeys to be the people that God wants us to be. Learn what God has to say about money and apply it to your life today.

Ready to experience true financial freedom?

Finances can be stressful, no matter how much or little money you have. The good news is you can find true freedom and grow spiritually by simply living out biblical principles. There are more passages in the Bible about money than about prayer and faith combined. Yet many of us don’t think much about using biblical wisdom to manage our money.

What is FreedUp?

FreedUp is a 7-week teaching series supported by a robust mobile app where you will learn how to manage money according to Biblical principles, create a working budget, assess your net worth and cash flow, address debt, and save for long-term goals. In class you will explore God’s perspective through teaching and small group discussion. Between classes you’ll progress through the app applying the principles to your personal finances (this typically takes 60 – 90 minutes per week).

  • FreedUp offers true financial freedom by equipping you to manage money in healthy, biblical ways.  It's for people in any financial situation, whether in crisis or doing great.
  • The app offers three journeys or lanes to meet you where you are.  Everyone chooses their own lane, because everyone's financial situation is different.
  • You can choose what you need most right now, whether that's to gain stability in your finances, find clarity around where your money is going, or make a plan to build a legacy.

What is included?

FreedUp includes an app and a workbook (or two workbooks for couples).  The app contains video teaching, exercises, and optional material for couples and for groups.  The workbook accompanies the app and provides space for journaling, reflection exercises, and financial calculations.

The app determines the "lane" of education that best fits the participant's current financial situation:

  • Lane 1: Barely making ends meet, significant worry about money, maybe missing some payments, lots of debt.
  • Lane 2: Doing OK but not making headway.  Not living paycheck to paycheck but if they missed a couple checks, they would be in trouble.  Not saving much, probably using consumer debt.
  • Lane 3: Have more than enough resources but don't feel free financially.  Worried about having enough though they have sufficient savings.  Minimal consumer debt compared to their net worth.  This is not just 7-figure income people!

Although the app enables participants to choose their lane, we highly recommend going with the app's recommendation for the most meaningful and helpful experience.

In this course, you will also learn how to manage money according to Biblical principles, create a working budget, reduce consumer debt, assess your net worth, and save for long-term goals. Other individuals and families will share stories of their own financial journeys and lessons learned along the way during table discussions.

Topics will include becoming a:

Faithful Steward

Diligent Earner

Prudent Spender

Generous Giver

Wise Saver

And a Cautious Debtor

Why FreedUp? This is for anyone in the church and not just those in debt https://vimeo.com/571891787/dd3a3af685

FreedUp App FAQ: https://getfreedup.com/app-faq/

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact Eric Heard at [email protected]

Childcare is available for $70 per child.

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