Who is this God – Message Series

God knows everything about us, but how can we know Him in all of His complexity? In our new series, “Who Is This God?” you’ll discover God’s nature and character is not hidden from us. Our Creator desires for us to know Him intimately and reveals Himself to us through His world, His Word, and His work in our lives. Throughout our study of the Psalms we’ll encounter a God who is knowable, eternal, jealous, sovereign, holy, and loving. When we experience this God and His deep love that dissipates all of our fears, failures, and doubts, we can face the uncertainties of this life with confidence and hope.

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Discovering the Character of the Creator

Throughout history poets, artists, and musicians created countless works of art as a response to the character of the Creator. Creative expressions connect us to God’s divine nature and stirs within us a thirst to truly know Him. Our new series, “Who Is This God?,” will feature artistic expressions from creators in our community. We’d love to feature your work as well! Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist, we believe you ARE creative. Art can take many forms. Share with us your creative expression of a God who is knowable, eternal, jealous, sovereign, holy, and loving.

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