Serve At Mariners Personal Discovery

Find A Place To Serve

Serving is a key part of following Jesus as we seek to be His hands and feet. It’s also a key part of community and commitment at Mariners. But determining where to step in and serve can be challenging for some. We want to make sure you have the guidance you need to fulfill a role that God has gifted you in and our community needs! If you are ready to embark on a little serve coaching experience, we have a path for you.

Step 1: Take the Spiritual Gifts Survey

Not sure where to get started with serving? Start with your spiritual gifts. Take the Spiritual Gifts Survey to see where you can serve at your optimal capacity.

Take the Survey

Already know what your gifts are and want to tell us? Fill out a serve profile.

Serve Profile

Step 2: Talk to a Volunteer Coordinator

Want to chat with someone about options or work through the results of your Spiritual Gifts Survey? We’re here for you!

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