Healing Matters

Our recovery ministry, REMEDY, is a Mariners Group Life community of healing and hope, as each of us embrace our individual story and why it matters. Many of us need to create some space between ourselves and certain behaviors or attitudes that may be hurting our relationship with others, relationship with ourselves, and our relationship with God.

If you have ever felt like there is something standing between you and the person God has called you to be, or if you feel like life just isn’t working, REMEDY is an opportunity to walk toward healing and recovery through a safe, small group community. Newcomers are encouraged to jump in at any time—just show up on a Monday night. Whether you need to sit in the back of the room for a season, or if you’re eager to start processing with a small group, we will come alongside you as you engage whatever step is next for you as you move toward healing.

No registration required just show up Mondays 7pm youth building

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What does a “a community of healing and recovery mean”?
In this life, no one escapes the need to be made whole. Healing is our soul’s deepest need. Our task in a not-yet-as-it-should-be world is to become “generous citizens of loss” who are finding recovery. And the journey to find healing can be defined as “joining Christ in recognizing and restoring what has been lost”.

What is the difference between REMEDY and a traditional 12-step recovery group?
REMEDY honors the 12-steps and their Biblical-spiritual principles and is a great companion to the 12 steps. However, it is not a 12-step process. REMEDY is a small group experience focused on healing and recovery. Each group is comprised of men/women who desire to find freedom from unhealthy patterns and gain the tools to continue walking in healing. This is accomplished through a small group-process that helps participants connect with one another through their shared stories of brokenness and hope. Ultimately, we find the significance of what God has been doing all along in our stories. Then, we join Him in co-authoring a Gospel story with our lives.

Is REMEDY just for addiction recovery?
No. REMEDY honors the reality of addiction and compulsive behaviors, we can’t just stop on our own. We believe that these behaviors have various causes and conditions. However, REMEDY is ultimately concerned with getting at the “roots” of unwanted behaviors labeled as addictions and dependencies.

What kinds of issues does REMEDY address?
REMEDY welcomes all issues: anxiety, depression, chronic relationship problems, emotional dysregulation, unwanted sexual behaviors, addictions and others. However, we believe the unwanted issues, sometimes defined in specific behaviors, are not the problem. They are our solutions to the problem. In the beginning of REMEDY we find our own individual answer to a core question, if (fill in the blank with your issue) is not my problem, what is the problem I am trying to solve with (fill in the blank with your issue)? REMEDY is: “Recovery without labels. Healing without limits.”

How long is the group each Monday Night?
REMEDY starts promptly at 7pm and ends at 8 pm.

Is there childcare?
YES! Please register on line so we can prepare for your child(s) visit.