Overcoming The Enemy Within – Message Series

If there was a way to overcome your greatest struggle, wouldn’t you be curious? The chaos surrounding us exposes the sins we wrestle with, but there is another way—a better way to live. The fight between good and evil rages inside of us and the battle is seemingly constant, but we have hope in overcoming the enemy within through the power of Christ in us. How? We choose forgiveness instead of wrath. We practice gratitude over envy. We fight lust with purity. We grow rather than succumb to sloth. In our new series, Overcoming the Enemy Within, we pick up our look at the seven deadly sins and find that through partnership with Christ, our greatest sins can be defeated and we can walk in freedom.

August 8 – 30
Sat 5 & 6:30p | Sun 8:30, 10, 11:30a

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