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military-ministry-logo-1920x726Mariners Church Military Ministry exists to provide spiritual, domestic and moral support to the men and women who serve our great nation at home and abroad. Our programs and events aim to provide spiritual growth, character development, and morale resiliency enhancement to our servicemen and their families. Mariners has adopted Dark Horse, the 3/5 Battalion comprised of over 1,000 Marines and sailors garrisoned at Camp Pendelton.

For more information, contact Keith: [email protected]

To those in our church that are part of our military (currently serving or veterans), we thank you and know we can never repay you for the sacrifices you make for our freedom. If you’re a military family, we would love to connect with you and pray for you!
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Our Events

Thank You Bag Serve Opportunity

Let our Military Marines at Camp Pendleton know how much you care, by creating “Thank You” bags. Come serve as a families, group, or individuals by asembling thank you bags!

Pick up your kit to create a Thank You Bag Monday anytime between the hours of 10am – 1pm in the Mariners Community Center. Complete your thank you bag by Thursday and drop off your box kits from 10am-1pm in the same location you picked it up. Questions? Email Keith at [email protected]

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