Latin America & The Caribbean

Our main partnerships in Latin America and the Caribbean are with our church partners in Mexico and Haiti. In Mexico, we partner with Pastor Daniel Nunez and his son Pastor Daniel ‘Tury’ Nunez, and their church Ministerios Transformación, and in Haiti, our partners are Pastor Joseph Metelus and his son Pastor Samuel Metelus, and their church Church of God by Faith.

Both of our partnerships in Latin America and the Caribbean have a passion for church planting. Pastor Daniel has already planted 26 churches out of the 50 that he believes God has given him the vision to plant in the Baja California region of Mexico. Pastor Joseph has planted 24 churches all over southwestern Haiti.

In Mexico, Pastor Daniel oversees the TUMIBible School, which is a seminary school to train up pastors for the church plants. Ministerios Transformación is also committed to maintaining a community center for children, as well as, helping run a sponsorship program with Mariners. Through the love from the Church, this sponsorship program sends children to school to receive education that we view as a right and not a commodity.

In Haiti, Pastor Samuel Metelus took responsibility for 52 children orphaned by Haiti’s devastating earthquake. They take care of these children as the Glory Glory Center in Valere, near Les Cayes, where Pastor Samuel’s vision is to raise up, educate, and train these orphans to be the next generation of leaders that will bring about the change that Haiti so desperately needs.

Both Mexico and Haiti have begun to plan for long-term, sustainable efforts that will help maintain the costs of ministry. You can find out more about these and other ministry efforts under each individual country page.

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