In the wake of globalization our world has changed and millions have been dispersed hence “Diaspora” from their countries of origin to various places around the world. Our world is now smaller than ever and the globe has become everyone’s playing field.

Mass migration is now everyone from everywhere. Since 1990 over 56 Million immigrants have made their way to United States and only 1% of these ever get involved in church. Along with the staggering number of dispersed people groups we also have a high number of International Students in our own backyard. 70% of the close to 1 million international students who come to the US will never visit an American home.

This phenomena calls for us to evolve our mission’s models/strategies to embrace this new reality of globalization. We can no longer engage globally without engaging the Diaspora community in our country and partner countries. Orange County is now home to 170,000 nominal Muslims from Iran and other places. The rise of little Saigon, Little Tokyo and Little China is a sign that the world is now here.

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