Online Groups

Join our Midweek Bible Study Online

We are moving our Life Groups online! Let’s stay connected—we are family and need each other. Either join an online group or host one—it’s super fun and easy!

We believe in living life the way God calls us to live it: in community. Joining a group is your first step to building authentic relationships, deepening your faith, and impacting the world around you with the love of Jesus.

Join us on Facebook Live Thursdays at 7 pm

Simply go to the Mariners Church Facebook page and it will be pinned at the top of our page.

Watch Live Here

Follow these steps

  1. Download the Tool: Hangouts and Google Meet.
  2. Be Ready on a Thursday: All online groups meet on Thursday.
  3. Follow Along with Us: We are going to be starting a study together on the Psalms.
  4. Invite Others: Let us know below that you’ll be hosting an online group so we can post it for others to join!

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