G4: Desert Shootout

The Men’s Ministry G4 Desert Shootout stands for “God, Guys, Guns & Grub” …in that order.

This is another one of our annual events, and every year our numbers grow significantly. Safety is our #1 priority. Connecting with the Creator of the Universe and each other is next on the list.

We believe that guys need fellowship, and that we connect on a deeper, more lasting level when we get away from the busyness and distraction-filled lives most of us lead in the “big city” (See Psalm 133:1 and Mark 1:35).

The food is guaranteed to be amazing! The setting is also an amazing, private and safe site in our “local desert” – just a couple hours’ drive from Mariners Irvine. Bring your tent or RV, all your own gear, including guns and ammunition (all targets will be provided) and count on having a “blast!”


NOTE: Males age 10 and up are able to participate.

WHEN: March 2019

WHERE: In the desert, outside of Barstow, California.


Event Recap Video