Mariners In the Gap

Helping Parents with Distance Learning

We know that COVID-19 and the uncertainty surrounding online learning and school closures are greatly impacting parents and children in what has become the greatest challenge for families next to the virus itself.

You are not alone.

Mariners Church is committed to supporting kids, students, and parents by stepping into the gap that has been left in the area of childcare, academics, and enrichment for students. We will support families by providing supervised distance learning on campus for K-5th grade during school hours, and after-school recreation and creative enrichment opportunities. Leadership opportunities for older students, too!

For those interested in volunteering and being a part of this amazing experience, please join us by signing up to serve.

Lighthouse Community Centers

Lighthouse Community Centers supervised distance learning support:
Launching September 14 

    • Lighthouse Community Centers are located in Santa Ana and Orange. LCC families are forming parent co-op groups that will meet at the centers. They are in need of support helping students log in for meetings, help with assignments and reading/writing, as well as providing enrichment support during down time.
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On Campus supervised distance learning support:
Launching in September.

    • For single and working parents, a limited number of spaces will be available to parents who have limited to no options and are in need of solutions for where and how their kids will spend their day and complete their distance learning while parents are working.
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Afterschool enrichment and play:
Weekdays: Monday-Friday

September 28 – November 30, 3-5p (no meeting November 23-27)

    • Our afterschool program will offer enrichment in the areas of arts and science and provide opportunities for kids in the area of movement and outdoor play. 
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Resourcing parent co-ops and learning pods at home: 

    • For families that have started a co-op or learning pod with neighbors and friends, we want to provide resources, support, as well as a platform for families to connect with other learning communities. Join our private Mariners in the Gap Facebook Group to access homeschooling support, co-op/cohort resources, access to an outdoor venue for studying and fun, weekly devotionals, and opportunities for some fun surprises in your neighborhoods

For those interested in volunteering and being a part of this amazing experience, please join us by signing up to serve with our distance learning support or afterschool programming!