“Lord of All” – Mariners Worship

Lord Of All

A new song from Mariners Worship, Lord of All

Lord of All
(C)2018 Mariners Church
Written by: Colby Taylor, May Angeles, DK Kim
Produced, Arranged, Engineered by: Russell Crain
Featuring: May Angeles
“Lord of All” is our response to God’s call for unity as outlined in Ephesians 4.
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Verse 1

Father hear our prayer
Let Your kingdom come
Father make us one
Your will on earth be done


Verse 2

Jesus, Son of God
Perfect sacrifice
Jesus, risen One
Raise the dead to life


One faith
One hope, one love
You are Lord of all
Savior, Our God
You are Lord of all
You are Lord of all

Verse 3

Spirit, move in power
We are desperate for Your touch
Spirit, hear our prayer
Unify our hearts


For Your glory, Your glory
We will be Your church
For Your name, For Your name
Together we proclaim

Chorus 2x