This page is designed to give you the resources you need to effectively shepherd, train and steward your Life Group Leaders so that they may become more like Christ. 


  1. Life Group Coach Responsibilities

  • Individual Coaching 
    • Pray for your Leaders weekly
    • Check in with Leaders – email/txt
    • Be available for all leaders. Proactively reach out to L1 or L2 leaders
  • Group Coaching
    • Leaders Breakout attend the three yearly trainings
    • Plan a serve, prayer or social activity for all your leaders
    • Include all leaders on any emails and encourage discussion
  1. How to’s

  • Onboarding new leaders

Qualifying a new group leader 

  • Self Care for Leaders
  • Add Members to an Existing Life Group 
  • Assess the health of a group
  1. Resources/Support

Resources from Mariners

  • Attend all Life Group Leader trainings three times a year on campus
  • Stop by and connect with us at the patio table on the weekends
  • Attend coaches meeting 2x/year
  • Life Group Leader Page