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We believe in living life the way God calls us to live it: in community. Joining a group is your first step to building authentic relationships, deepening your faith, and impacting the world around you with the love of Jesus.
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Coaching is a great way to grow as a leader. During these sessions, you’ll join other Group leaders and connect with a coach to answer your questions, bounce ideas off each other and receive helpful insight on refining your leadership skills.

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Group Support:

Doing service activities or a prayer experience is a great way to strengthen your Group’s connection and connect with Jesus in a different way.
Serve Experiences:
Here you’ll find opportunities for your small group to serve and get plugged in at Mariners.
Group Life Serve Opportunities  Outreach Serve Opportunities

Prayer Experiences:
A prayer experience is an extended period of time for Groups to be still and hear Jesus’ voice. We’ve provided some templates to guide how you spend your time during this experience.

Overview Jesus Example Intimacy with our Creator God in Creation Audio Guided Prayer Consider Jesus Consider Love

Group Studies:

RightNow Media is a video library that provides Group leaders with curriculum, trainings and other resources for their groups.
To get signed up please contact us at [email protected]

Flow Questions are questions based off the series that help you dive into the messages.

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The Pathway:

Many leaders have mentioned the need for a plan so their Groups can last. The Pathway is a three-year plan for you and your small group to follow. This will help you sustain your Group over a long period of time and bring depth. 

The pathway is designed to help your group grow as followers of Christ in three areas:

  1. Live Boldly In Your Faith
  2. Be Confident In Sharing Who Christ is with others
  3. Live out your identity in Christ

Family Ministry Generic Women Men

Spiritual Gift Test:

Many people want to serve “where there’s the greatest need.” This may be a great place to start, but ultimately the body of Christ will be most successful if you serve in an area about which you are passionate.

Spiritual Gift List Spiritual Gift Survey

The Bible Project:

The Bible Project is a free tool for you to utilize for your Life Group to experience the Bible as a unified story that leads to Jesus.

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Life Group Covenants

Covenants list expectations for the Group to follow. They aren’t always necessary, but they’re a simple and effective way to get everyone on the same page. Below are three samples that you can use for your Group.

Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3

Leader Support:

In order to lead well and pour into others, leaders need to ensure their needs are met as well–you can’t provide what you aren’t receiving.

Below are some ways we can continue to support and fuel you to lead.

Care and Recovery Resources:
Receive spiritual guidance and emotional support from a trained volunteer in a safe and confidential environment.

[email protected] 949.769.8349

For more information on care and recovery, please visit their page here:

Pastor of the Day:

This direct line is for prayer and support in moments of need: 949.769.8450

Leader Letter:

Each week we send out a letter to encourage you as a leader. It’s also a great way to stay involved with what is happening here in Group Life and Mariners.
Email [email protected] to get signed up.

Group Life Leader Training:

Sign up to be a part of the next Group Life Leader training here.

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