Lament Service

In times of suffering, we tend to rush each other through the process and stages of grief. We are quick to offer hopeful answers to numb the pain and silence our sorrow. But when sorrow is silenced, it finds a hiding place in our bodies. Grief refuses to be hurried. It demands our attention. It rears its head when we least expect it, when it’s most inconvenient and probably feels most painful. Thankfully, the biblical practice of lament instructs us in our time of suffering. It teaches us why and how to lament.

The purpose of our lament service is to join in community to express our sorrow. As we cry out to God in our pain, we will use the book of Lamentations as our guide. This book of poems is organized in a chiastic structure (grief, hope, grief). The writer of Lamentations is unapologetically and thoroughly sorrowful. While the book contains a beautiful message of hope in the middle, it does not end with a tidy bow. It lets grief be grief. This may sound depressing, but lamenting, especially when done in loving community, is cathartic. It helps us release our pent-up emotions and stress and invites us to experience a level of comfort and healing than can only come from God. While the storm may still rage around us, we do not grieve alone or without hope.
We hope you’ll join us.