JHM Serve

Every student needs a person who knows them and a place to belong, so we want all students to serve, not just be served.


We love our partnership with Mariners Church Outreach. For 30 years, Mariners Church has been serving the local community and partnering with churches globally. We want every student and family in JHM serving on some level to take NEXT STEPS in their relationship with Jesus.

Search All Outreach Serve Opportunities

Statistics show that when students serve, it helps their relationship with Jesus stick stronger than any other way. That statistic raises when they see their parents along side them. Below are some of the opportunities you can look through to find a serve that fits your life group and your family.


The donut table on the patio is a regular JHM serve opportunity you can get involved in at any time.

Money raised goes toward JHM scholarships.

Ask about the Donut Table at the welcome center this weekend

Volunteer In JHM

What really makes JHM Great is our volunteers.

We want to give every student a PERSON who knows them and a place to BELONG by enlisting volunteers that love Jesus and like students. If you think you’re a fit, you can do one of the following:

For more information contact Cooper[email protected]