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Volunteer In Junior High (Adults)

Volunteering is something everyone can do, and we want you to BE PART OF IT in JHM!

  • Parents, you can BE PART OF IT!
  • Empty Nester, you can BE PART OF IT!
  • High School Students, Sophomore, yes? Let’s do it, you can BE PART OF IT!
  • College students? Yep, you can BE PART OF IT!
  • Married and want to serve together, perfect! You can BE PART OF IT!
  • Older and full of wisdom, but don’t know if the Junior High students would like you? They will BE PART OF IT!

Every JHM staff member has spent time volunteering as a leader at one point or another before moving into full-time paid ministry. Justin, our Junior High Pastor, had a leader when he was in Junior High named Earl. He was an old World War 2 vet who was present and invested in Justin, not knowing where Jesus would take his life. Justin stayed connected to Earl until he passed away. Justin spoke of the lifelong influence Earl had on him at his funeral. Earl had a massive impact on Justin’s life. For all of us in our Junior High years, we either had a leader like Earl in our lives, or we wish we did.

We want you to BE PART OF IT and establish that kind of influence in the lives or our Junior High students.

Not sure where to start? We get it, we want to make it easy for you. Use the button below to see all volunteer opportunities in JHM.

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leadership-guide-thumbnailLeadership Guide to California Students

Everything you need to know about leading students, in one place!

Download [PDF]

Service Times & Address

Saturdays: 5p | Worship Center | Messages
Sundays: 9a & 11a | Worship Center | Messages

Sundays: 9a & 11a | Chapel Messages
Sunday Nights: 7p | Upper Room | Messages