High School (HSM)

Orange County High School Students make up Mariners HSM. Mariners HSM exists to inspire High School Students to follow Jesus and fearlessly change the world. In HSM, Jesus is our message, people are our purpose, friendship is our passion, serving is our calling. Each student, we believe, has a gift for a ministry of their own. We would love it if you would consider joining us in this journey as we discover who Jesus is in our lives!

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Meet the Team

Alex Beaverson
High School Pastor | [email protected] | 949.769.8412

Erin Vinzon
High School Experience Director | [email protected] | 949.769.8433

Alex Ortiz
High School Worship Leader | [email protected] | 949.769.8437

Parker Johnston
High School Events Coordinator | [email protected] | 949.769.8473

Jillian Pedron
High School Ministry Coordinator | [email protected] | 949.769.8165

Keelyn Dennis
High School Ministry Coordinator | [email protected] | 949.769.8323

Nolan Henslick
High School Ministry Coordinator | [email protected] | 949.769.8121

Amanda Fort
High School Videographer | [email protected] | 949.769.8276

Contact HSM

Have questions about HSM? Contact us: [email protected]

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Facebook: @highschoolministry

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HSMplus is our student resource site. You’ll find blog posts, GROW resources, info on Student Leadership and our Ministry Teams.


HSM Gatherings


Every weekend we gather in the Student Center (Room 1) to learn about Jesus and come together as a community. Join us at 5p on Saturdays, or Sundays at 11a.

Life Groups

Life Groups are the heartbeat of our ministry. We gather during the week, in homes, in your community. Be part of a Life Group community where you belong and are known.

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Summer Camp and YCW

Our Summer Camp and Youth Culture Weekend are the biggest things we do all year long! They are both great ways to connect with friends & leaders, and get to know Jesus better. Sign up TODAY!

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Faith Adventures

We love experiencing Jesus outside the walls of our church building and outside Orange County. Each year we go on many trips to serve others in Mexico and Haiti. Keep an eye out for when these trips are happening.

Volunteer In HSM

There is nothing more important to our ministry than equipping volunteers to pour into students. HSM Volunteers are the driving force behind our ministry. They invest in students, take part in their lives and stand alongside them as they navigate high school and their faith journey. There is no “perfect mold” for a great volunteer. We have seen God use people of all different characters, gifts and talents to impact the lives of students.

We have opportunities for you to lead a Life Group, take part in our weekend experience or lead a cabin at our annual summer camp. We would love for you to join the HSM Team!

Youth Culture

Mariners Youth Culture is who we are. We are more than a group of students simply fitting into culture. Rather, we are culture creators.

Mariners Youth Culture is the culture we create when we live out the heart of Jesus. We have Youth Culture Nights where we put this culture on display.

Visit to join a culture team and be a part of a culture that is FOR YOUTH, BY YOUTH.

Upcoming Events