Giving Help

What is a MyMariners account? Do I have one?

A MyMariners account allows you to manage your online giving and access other online resources. If you aren’t sure if you already have an account, fill out the Account Reset Request! If you already have an account, we will send you a new password. If you don’t have an account yet, we will let you know!

How do I create an account?

  1. Click Create an Account
  2. Fill out the form
  3. You will receive a confirmation email

I’m having trouble logging in?

If you’ve already tried to reset your account and are still having an issue, we are happy to help! Just call 949.769.8411 or email [email protected]. Someone will help you right away!

How do I create a scheduled gift?

  1. Login
  2. Click Scheduled Giving
  3. Click Add Recurring Gift
  4. If you do not have a card saved, add one now
  5. Complete the form and click Create

How do I make changes to my scheduled gift?

  1. Login
  2. Click Scheduled Giving
  3. Find the gift you want to change and click Edit
  4. Make your changes
  5. Click Save Changes

What if I need to cancel my gift?

  1. Login
  2. Click Scheduled Giving
  3. Find the gift you want to cancel and click Edit
  4. Click Cancel Recurring Giving

What if I need to change my card information?

  1. Login
  2. Click Payment Methods
  3. Delete the card you need to change
  4. Click Add New Payment Method
  5. Enter new card information
  6. Go to Scheduled Giving and confirm your gifts are attached to your new card

I know I have a recurring gift, but I don’t see it. Where did it go?

  1. Login
  2. Click Scheduled Giving
  3. You may see your gift under Other Recurring Gifts
  4. If you still can’t find it, it may be on one of our old systems. Please contact Alexa at [email protected] and she’ll be happy to help!

How do I set up giving via text message?

  1. Login
  2. Click Profile Settings and make sure your mobile phone number is correct
  3. Click Save
  4. On the Give Today page, click Confirm Mobile Phone Number and then click Request Confirmation Code
  5. Enter the confirmation code that is sent to your mobile phone
  6. Make sure you have a card saved on the Payment Methods page

How do I give though a text message?

If you have already set up your mobile number (see steps above), you can give by text message anytime, anywhere!

  • Just Text your Campus Code and the Amount you want to give to 949.267.3131
  • For example, text “IRVINE 100” to give $100
  • Campus Codes
    • Irvine: “IRVINE”
    • Ocean Hills: “OH”

Can I get a refund?

For refund questions, please contact Alexa at [email protected]

How can I view my tax statement?

Click here to view your tax statement. You will be asked to login again. Use the same username and password you used to give.

Is it safe to give online?

Please view our Privacy Policy for more information.

I still need help!

Don’t worry! We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Here are a few ways to reach us: