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Weekly: Wednesdays at 7:00 PM


Upper Room (above the Cafe)
Beginning April 20th through May 25th Cathy and Doug Fields will be hosting 6 classes for parents to help answer many of the questions you’re asking… AND… they are bringing in some PROS. Join them in the upper room (above the Cafe) from 7:00-8:15.

April 20: Mark Oestreicher, wrote a great book called A Parents Guide to Understanding the Teenage Brain. He’s EXCELLENT! This isn’t just for parents of teenagers–it’s never too early to start thinking more deeply about how your kids think (now) and how they’re going to think. 

April 27 & May 4: Dr. Jim Burns is the President of HomeWord Youth & Family. He’s also the author of 50+ books and is considered an expert in parenting.  He will be peaking on Teaching Your Kids Healthy Sexuality. Are you panicked about the sex talk? Confused about this crazy culture when it comes to sexuality and your kids? You are not alone! Help is on the way! All research shows that when a positive, healthy, value-centered sex education is taught in the home, the less promiscuous and confused your kids will be. The problem is that most parents don’t know what to say or how to talk about it with their kids. Jim Burns will help you develop healthy communication with your kids on this important, but often awkward, subject of sex and sexuality. He’ll address topics ranging from protecting your kids from pornography to gender identity issues. No subject is taboo and Jim will answer all your questions. 

May 11: You may sense your child might be struggling with something but you just can't put it into words?   Will Hutcherson, wrote the book SEEN which contains essential information about the dynamics of despair in kids and teens in a clear and understandable way.   You will receive helpful information about why your son or daughter might be struggling, but also comfort in knowing how you can help. Learn about different tools of connection and the critical steps they can take to help their kids and teens feel seen and promote healing.

May 18: Our very own junior high pastor Josh Griffin will be talking about Simple Ways to Navigate the Complexity of Technology in your Family. Besides being an amazing pastor, Josh is also the father of 4 teenagers and knows everything about gaming, internet safety, apps, and he will have practical solutions and answers for your technology questions. He’s a total pro and this promises to be very helpful… and fun! 

May 25: Our Mariners Kids' Pastor Kenny Conley will talk about how parents can build and protect the future faith of your kids. With 50% of kids walking away from their faith, how can we help our children build an authentic faith that lasts? Kenny has 25 years of ministry experience and is the parent of 3.   He will be sharing his own ideas on what he's seen and doing to ensure his kids have a gospel-focused faith and worldview. 

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