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Aerial view of Mariners Church Irvine


Once at 5/14/2022 2:00 PM


Mariners Church | Kids Building
Physical/neurodiverse Friendship Day for Kinder - 5th grade, where kids with disabilities and neurotypical kids come together for fun and connection.

A fun and safe time for kids with disabilities to hang out and play with other kids while being supervised by loving and caring volunteersWe strive for physical/neurodiversity here at Mariners, and believe that we impact the community and culture when we create spaces for people to experience the beauty of diversity. Kids will visit activity stations, have time of worship, hear Bible stories, and most importantly HAVE FUN! 

- Exceptional Afternoons happen on 2nd Saturday of the month, August-July

- If your child is an exceptional child with a disability, you may drop off your kiddos and take time of respite in our beautiful campus, or in the parent connect area right nearby and enjoy some good company and treats, or stay and help.

- If your child is a neurotypical child, parents must volunteer at the program. Every volunteer will need to go through our training and background clearance.

- 1:1 Buddies are available for those who request one. 

Location • Kids Building 2F

Contact • [email protected]

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