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G4 | DSO Mariners Men's Retreat


Fri, March 20, 11:30a - Sat March 21, 3:30p


An Overnight Men's Retreat held in the desert which focuses on four "Gs"; God, Guys, Guns & Grub.
This is an annual event and is limited to 200 participants. Safety is our #1 priority; Connecting with the Creator and each other is next on the list.
We believe that guys need fellowship, and that we can connect on a deeper, more lasting level when we take a break from the busy, distraction-filled lives most of us lead. (Psalm 133:1 & Mark 1:35).
The food is guaranteed to be amazing. The setting is spectacular, private and suitable for introspection and revitalization. Our camp is set in a desert bowl about two hour's drive from Mariners Irvine. Bring your SUV, tent or RV and your own equipment (including firearms and ammunition). All food, targets and fellowship will be provided. If you would like to arrive early and assist with camp set up on March 19th, just check the appropriate box when registering.

Registration Deadline • March 17, 2020
Refund Cutoff • March 15, 2020
Who • Men aged 18 years and up
Note • You must be 18 years of age or older to attend this retreat
Date • March 20 & 21, 2020
Early Arrival (Assist with Camp Set Up): March 19, 2020
Where • Desert Area South of Barstow
Cost • Adults (18+): $150 |

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