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JH Life Groups 2020


Wednesdays, Starting January 8, 2020


5001 Newport Coast Dr, CA 92603-0164
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In Junior High we want to see every student with a PERSON who knows them and a PLACE to belong, so we do Life Groups. Take your NEXT STEP by joining a Life Group!

What Are Life Groups?
Junior High Life Groups consist of students growing in their faith together, led by dedicated leaders, taking place all across Orange County.

Why Should I Join?
Jesus once told twelve unschooled, ordinary people, “Come, follow Me”, right before He used them to change the world! We believe Jr High students can fearlessly change the world, so Junior High Life Groups offer you the same invitation: "Come, follow Me." Join together with other students and be inspired by how God will change your life forever.

Join Us For:

We believe that fun is the universal language for any Jr High student. Whether it's playing a game, laughing, or spending time together—we strive to find a place in students' lives to help grow their faith in Jesus.

Friendships are the heartbeat of Life Groups. Jr High students will find healthy, lasting friendships while being challenged to follow Jesus together.

God's Word is central to Life Groups. Leaders take students through the Bible each week to discuss relevant topics to challenge and grow them in their faith.

Breaking bread together fosters community. As Jesus met with his communities over meals, we will continue that tradition by breaking bread together with snacks each week.

For more information, contact Hailey, [email protected].

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