Estate Planning

my-legacy-page-1080pMariners Church is excited to introduce a new online estate planning tool called My Legacy Planner from Fulcrum Philanthropy Systems. This service is being provided at no cost to Mariners families!

In as little as 10 minutes, My Legacy Planner will generate a planning document you can take to an attorney to have your will or trust prepared. Don’t have an attorney? We’ve also partnered with Christian Trustmaker as a valued resource to provide affordable estate planning documents.

Step 1

Extend financial peace over your loved ones and your estate by completing a My Legacy Planner for your family today!

Complete My Legacy Planner

Step 2

Have your attorney draw up the estate planning paperwork. Or if you don’t have an attorney, you can use Christian Trustmaker to complete the legal documents.

Christian Trustmaker

For more information contact Eric Heard, Stewardship Pastor at Mariners Church: [email protected]

Continue your journey building financial peace with this new resource for Mariners families.

Mariners Church

The Details

Through Financial Peace University, we’ve learned the biblical view of money management: Build an emergency fund, pay off non-mortgage debt, and save for life’s events and special moments. By establishing a monthly budget, we learn to tithe, save, and spend within our means. That’s countercultural to what society would have us believe!

Just as FPU helps us with our cash flow management and budgeting, My Legacy Planner is a resource to help us manage our assets. Whether your estate is modest or massive, the average American’s net worth is typically comprised of 9% in cash and 91% in assets. These assets usually include such things as a home, life insurance, and retirement accounts like an IRA or 401(k).

While our income is distributed through a “checkbook,” our assets are distributed through a will or trust. Yet, more than 70% of Americans do not have a current will. Without an estate plan, we grant the State and Federal Government decision-making authority to select an executor, approve guardianships of underage children, and determine the distribution of assets. This always creates additional anxiety and usually results in unnecessary taxation which means a missed opportunity to make a difference in our families and the world around us.

If you’re part of the 70% that do not have a current will and also own a qualified retirement plan, My Legacy Planner is an easy-to-use tool that creates a comprehensive report defining key roles such as your executor, guardian(s), and health care representatives. In addition, it generates four different estate plan options designed to provide for your family, minimize taxes, and maximize Kingdom impact.