Elder Board

With Jesus Christ as head of the church, Mariners Church is governed by a Board of Elders. Their primary responsibility is to seek God’s direction for our church. God blesses our Board with a variety of spiritual gifts, allowing them to handle duties with competence and integrity. Accountability is provided within the team format and decisions are made through the wisdom of many.


Huy Do | Chairman
Eric Geiger
 | Senior Pastor
Pat Daniels | Elder Liaison
Doug Circle
Emmanuel Fan
Iain Jones
Chris Morris
Sam Tang

For elder candidate feedback, or more information,
please contact Dawn Marraccino, [email protected] or 949.769.8206


To be an Example – “Christ-like example”

Be an example and pace-setter for others, and evidence character qualities and public reputation that every Christian should possess.
Titus 1:5-9; 1 Timothy 3:1-7

To be an Overseer – “Of the Affairs of the Church”

Spiritual leaders are responsible for the overall direction of the church, even though many others execute the various specific tasks. They ensure that structures are created and people are mobilized to move towards those goals.
1 Timothy 5:17; Hebrews 13:17; Acts 20:28

To be a Shepherd – “People are Loved and Cared For”

Someone who guards, feeds and cares for God’s people like a shepherd with a flock. The shepherd is responsible to equip God’s people for ministry (Ephesians 4:11-13), by guarding them from false teaching, giving them good spiritual counsel and food from God’s Word, training them, and comforting and helping them (Acts 20:27-31). The shepherd must be one who is sensitive to the needs of the people, knowledgeable in God’s Word and willing to invest the time necessary to care for individuals.


Values that guide the Board of Elders service and decisions are:

• Be primarily strategic
• Build leadership
• Empower, don’t overpower
• Be intimate with God
• Seek unity
• Operate in a godly manner


To be the Elder Board God desires, loving Him and pursuing His heart for Mariners Church.

• To accomplish this goal, we will:Shepherd the church family, ensuring that guiding, guarding, modeling, caring, and feeding take place;
• Oversee well the affairs of the church;
• Be a model ministry team.