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Mariners Care Ministry workshops are offered on a variety of topics impacting the community and culture. Workshops include topics like ADD, Autism, Mental Wellness, Anxiety, Depression, etc.

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Anxiety and Depression Workshop
Led by Journeys Counseling Ministry, registration required
If anxiety and depression are interfering with your ability to fully engage life, then this group will help you find resources to move toward a more stable attitude, so you will be armed with coping skills and tools for self-care.
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Support Groups

Mariners Care Ministry offers a variety of support groups based on specific needs. The following is a list of groups that are offered throughout the year. Some are open year-round, while others go for a determined length of time. Use the button below to see what groups are currently available.

For more information on groups and availability contact: [email protected]

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Breaking Free: Women’s Abuse Support
Led by volunteers, registration required
A book study group giving adult women freedom from silence about past or present physical, psychological or verbal abuse.

Grief Support
Led by a volunteer, registration required
Join a community of individuals who are working to process an experience similar to yours with a caring leader.

Grieving Moms
A community of moms who understand what you are going through and will come alongside you on the journey to healing.

Location • Saturday Life Development Bldg, Room #204
Contact • [email protected]

ADD Support
Led by Linden Attention Learning Center, no registration required, walk-ups encouraged
Come join a safe environment to talk about the challenges inherent in living with ADD, so that you can more fully access your strengths.

CoDA for Women
Led by peers, no registration required, walk ups encouraged
This group is ideal for women who want peace and healthier relationships in their family, past or present romantic relationships, friendships, workplaces, etc. This Twelve Step group for Codependents is focused on how faithful women can help themselves grow and change.

Guys Like Us (Men only)
Unconventional – Connected – Free
Offered: Thursdays 7-9pm
If you suffer from disordered intimacy, sexual behavior problems, or pornography issues, come experience tools for long term healing, accountability and the freedom of restoration. Registration Required: Call 949 769 8312

Healing Hearts (Women only)
Registration required: Call 714.290.6388 for time and location
If your husband or partner has engaged in or is attempting to overcome a form of extra-marital sexual behavior—pornography, affairs, homosexuality, or seeking out prostitutes, etc.—this may be the place for you to find hope and healing—whether your partner continues in their addiction or not.

Divorce Care
Come to experience healing from past pain and rebuild hope for a thriving future with others who are recovering from the effects of separation or divorce. Each week, a speaker will share their knowledge and experience to help us navigate divorce as a community dedicated to pursuing relational health.

Cancer Support
Contact: [email protected]
A faith based support group open to cancer survivors, those who suffer from cancer and the loved ones who care for them.

Infertility & Miscarriage Support (Women only)
There is a wonderful support to be found within the friendship and safety of other women who understand your tears before they fall. This support group is a place to gain new strength in community and hope for the future. No registration required walks ups encouraged.
Contact[email protected] for more information