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Shepherd in the Darkest Valley

During difficult times, where do you find your direction and defense? In Psalm 23:4, David reminds us that the Lord both directs and defends us, like a shepherd who leads his sheep and protects them using his staff. This symbolism is used to show both what the shepherd does for his sheep and what the Lord does for us. The two ends of the staff are used to both direct and defend the sheep, and the Lord does the same for us—His sheep.

David tells us that we should not fear danger during times of uncertainty and fear, not because there isn’t any, but because our Lord is with us. He protects us and provides a path for us. The darkest valleys are the place where we need direction and defense, and David shares that He will be there for you when, and not if, you need Him.

In the middle of the darkest valley, the Lord is with you. He pulls you close to Him to direct you and provide for you. He also defends you, fighting off your enemy. We will all go through a dark time, however we can be comforted in the knowledge that the Lord is with us in the deepest valley.

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