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Carrying Each Other’s Burdens This School Year

Normally, back to school season is full of excitement, the hope of new beginnings and giddiness for what’s ahead! We know, though, that COVID-19 has caused many obstacles for families and students, beyond the virus itself. That’s why we are committed to step into the gap caused by this pandemic with Mariners in the Gap.

The burden that families now face in taking on the role of homeschool teacher, extracurricular coordinator, coach, and so much more with schools being closed, is overwhelming. In Galatians it says that we are to carry one another’s burdens and in doing so, we fulfill the law of Christ.

This fall, we will be offering programming for students, Monday through Friday on our Irvine campus. Tutoring, enrichment opportunities, support with distance learning, outdoor activities, and so much more. All of this will be available for YOUR family so that we can help you and your student find success this year. You are not alone! For more information and to sign up to serve, head to our webpage.

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