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How to Be Christlike in the Age of Outrage

Is it possible to disagree with others well? Our culture is facing an extremely difficult season, one in which brashness is moving onto the front burner. This brashness pushes community apart, and division forms. This can be aggravating to our culture and our community, and as brothers and sisters in Christ we must remember that what and who unifies us is far stronger than anything that could disjoin us.

With the frustration in our world today, everyone has their own opinion for everything, and we don’t always agree with one another. So, how DO we disagree with others? As written in God’s Word, we as Christians are the salt of the earth, meant to display our ultimate allegiance to Christ. We are given a roadmap of how to engage with others in ways that show His deep love for us and those around us. We sit down, listen and learn from our brothers and sisters, even if it’s challenging.

In a world that moves away from conflict, Christ moves towards it and gives us an example of how to best respond. Conflict is not meant to be a feared subject, but it is meant to be met with grace and love, and while we may not always agree with one another, our conversations in conflict should mirror Christ to the world.

While we are not always going to agree with one another, we can learn to understand and respect one another, and as we disagree, we need to disagree with graciousness, not in anger. We can be encouraged that our God never changes, and that same encouragement can be shared with the watching world, through us!

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