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How to Host a Life Group in Your Home and When to Join Our 24-Hour Prayer Fast

Pastor Eric Geiger talks about why we are choosing to pray and fast for 24 hours and how to jump in. Also, what to do if you’re interested in hosting a group in your home!

Mariners Church, I hope that you are having a great Monday. There’s two things that I want to talk to you about. First I want to talk to you about prayer and fasting, and a prayer and fasting guide that we have for you. Our team is going to be praying and fasting tomorrow. And the second thing I want to talk about is hosting a life group. So first thing, prayer and fasting. As a team and our staff here at Mariners, we have set aside tomorrow, Tuesday as a day, that we’re going to pray and fast and seek the Lord, and ask him to do a great work in our hearts, around the issue of the image of God, on all of humanity.

Here’s our hope, that we will have a renewed sense of awe and appreciation for the image of God being placed on every single person.

And so if you want to join us, I invite you to do so. There’s information in the email, but let me give you just a few pointers. A 24 hour fast is what we’re going to be doing, which is typically having a meal on Monday night, and then not eating again until Tuesday night. So you really would miss two meals. And in place of those meals, you spend extra time with the Lord.

And every time you sense a hunger pang, this desire to eat, you view that as an invitation from the Lord to spend time with Him.

We have this guide that will help you. It will walk you through what this experience can be for you, and give you direction on things to pray for over that 24 hour period of time. So join us if you can. And if you’d like to.

Secondly, I want to talk to you about hosting a life group at your home. Hosting Mariners Church at your house. As you know, we are not having physical gatherings at Mariners Church. And I have been reading the handbook that I got in seminary on how to lead the church through a global pandemic. But then I realized, I skipped the class, and there even wasn’t a class! There’s no handbook! There’s no handbook on how to lead a church through a global pandemic. But we believe that this is the wisest play for us right now, as we are going to be scaling back to gathering together eventually at our physical locations. But last weekend, I, with my wife, she really was the better hostess than I was a host. We hosted a group at our house for church. And it was awesome. We had neighbors come together who some attend Mariners, some don’t attend Mariners, and those who attend Mariners attend at different service times. And so it was so awesome for our neighbors to gather together.

We had worship service together. We watched the service, we stood, we sang, we had some snacks before and after, and had so many great conversations.

I have come to know my neighbors more during this time, and I love them more than I loved them six months ago. That’s what happens when we spend time with each other, we typically get more committed to each other and more loving towards one another.

And so it was a great experience. If you want to host Mariners Church at your home during this time, Mariners at your house, Mariners with your life group, you can invite some friends over, some neighbors over, some extended family over and do this. You can do this. This is an incredible opportunity. It’s really unprecedented because you can say, “Hey, church is at our house this weekend.” And we give you all the tools.

We have the worship service available for you, but we also have discussion guides and resources for your kids. So when we did it at our house last weekend, Kaye watched “big church,” the adult service with everybody. I didn’t do that, because I had already preached the sermon, and my gosh, it is miserable to watch other people watch me on a screen. It’s just so painful. So I volunteered to lead kids’ church. So I was responsible for all the kids. And it’s so easy because I was able to use our Family Worship service for the music and the games.

And then I did this little Bible study and then we played outside. And so I was a kids pastor at Geiger Church at my house. And it was awesome. When you’re the kid’s pastor, you’re not responsible for the notebook on leading through a global pandemic! So it was actually really, really appealing for me to do that. But you can do this too. You can host Mariners Church at your home. There’s information in the email on how to do so. So let me sum things up. If you want to pray and fast with our staff, we invite you to do so. It starts tonight, all the way through Tuesday is when you’ll break the fast, Tuesday night. And then if you want to host a group at your house and have Mariners at your home, we can help you do so.