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The Future of Mariners Church: Our Plans for Reopening

Senior Pastor Eric Geiger talks through the ways Mariners Church is prepared to reopen, when the time comes for us to gather again.


When will Mariners Church Reopen?
A holy longing
For believers in Christ the question of when church gatherings will resume is one of longing and
expectation because our faith is not a private faith. God created us for community and He grows
us and encourages us in community. We are like the Psalmist who asked when he could come and
appear before God in the temple with others (Psalm 42:2).

Preparation over prediction
Because news about the pandemic is constantly shifting, we have been focused much more on
preparation than prediction. We do not know when we will resume gatherings but we are
prepared for several scenarios or “plays” that we will run when we are able to do so.

Four plays we will run
Just as an offense will call a play based on what the defense shows them, we will call different
plays based on the cultural context we find ourselves in. As we call a new play, the former plays
will still be occurring. This is important because we realize that people in our faith community
will have varying levels of comfort in returning to gatherings, so at some point we will be
running all four plays to serve people at their comfort level.

1. Mariners at home
We will continue to provide digital worship services and resources for people in their homes. Our
weekly schedule of digital content will continue:
  • Monday: Conversations posted on YouTube
  • Tuesday: Family Worship Service
  • Wednesday: Youth Night Live on YouTube
  • Thursday: Online groups and Bible studies
  • Saturday/Sunday: Weekend worship services

2. Mariners with your life group
Life groups will gather to watch the weekend service together and discuss the message using
sermon-based resources we will provide. Outreach opportunities will be made available for
groups to serve together.
When groups are able to gather, we envision utilizing our facilities during the week for kids
ministry groups, youth ministry groups, NEW life groups (we will ask current life groups to
continue meeting in homes), and Rooted.

3. Mariners in the neighborhood
We are preparing to broadcast our worship services to small venue locations throughout Orange
County. A reservation system will be used based on gathering size restrictions.

4. Gatherings at Mariners
When we are able to gather again physically for worship we envision using multiple venues
during each worship service time (outside, worship center, student center, community center,
chapel, etc.) with live worship and a broadcast message to each venue. A reservation system will
be used based on gathering size restrictions, and as restrictions loosen the gathering sizes will

We don’t know when, but we will be ready to gather! Some of the “plays” may be called at the
same time (such as church in the neighborhood and church gatherings at Mariners). And we will
use all these opportunities to serve you and serve the people of Orange County.
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