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Journey to Easter: There Is A Redeemer

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“There Is A Redeemer” gives us the full, beautiful picture of the Trinity and who God is. The song portrays God the Father who sent His Son to bear the weight of our sin, God the Son who died for us so we can live a life free from shame, and the Holy Spirit who partners with us so we don’t need to walk through this life alone.

Know today that you can call upon God and His comforting power to be with you and overcome any obstacles you’re facing.

Here are a few questions to help you dive deeper into this devotion: 

  1. What person of the Trinity do you need or relate to the most today?
  2. The Trinity gives us a picture of perfect unity and oneness. In what areas of your life do you need Him to give you that same peace, unity, and cooperation?
  3. Find a private place to worship, bow down or kneel in reverence to the Lord and read Psalm 65. How is God speaking to you through this Psalm?
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