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Our Women are Warriors

Mariners Women just got back from Warrior Camp where 262 women and I got to watch God move in mighty ways!

We came to understand more clearly what it means to be declared righteous by faith because of Jesus. We threw the lies we believed into the fire (literally) and took new steps into our true identity as daughters of the King.

Mariners Women is focused on walking in freedom, truth and intentionally walking together in unity instead of walking in lies. Warrior Camp reflects those values–it’s a weekend spent with other women who are fiercely fighting for each other, not against each other.

There are so many powerful stories illustrating the powerful reality of Warrior Camp, one of my favorites comes from a courageous warrior who shared:

“I now know the truth of who I am in Christ. I walked out of this weekend knowing my God is bigger than I’ll ever need him to be. I am God’s daughter–chosen, holy, dearly loved, and forever redeemed.

I don’t ever have to question my positional identity. I’m justified in God’s eyes.
God has everything I need. He is the only person who can give me everything I need.
I can forgive myself for making mistakes and being imperfect.
I can enjoy the journey God has me on as he makes me more like him.
I can detect the lies of Satan and hold them captive to Jesus Christ.
I’m forever grateful…my life will never be the same.”

This is just one of so many great examples of transformation–we even had 6 women say I believe!

We’re women learning and choosing to walk in freedom, in the power and authority of Christ, in our true identity as a daughter of the Most-High King.

At Warrior Camp or wherever Mariners Women gathers, we’re passionate about growing relationships with God and each other. We believe every woman belongs here in safe, connected community.

Come celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas together as the community of Mariners Women. Join us for our free, annual event:

Awaken this November


Carmella Hansberger
Women’s Pastor