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Ready for Rhythm Again

“I loved summer but I am ready for a regular rhythm again.”

You surely have heard this or said it. As great as summer is, it can throw off our regular rhythms. Consistent times with friends and family become inconsistent in the summer. Regular exercise routines easily get lost in the summer with extra travel. Time in the Scripture and time in corporate worship can wane too.

I love summer but it always reminds me how inconsistency in one area of my life impacts all the other areas. If I get out of rhythm physically, it impacts me spiritually. If I get out of rhythm spiritually, it impacts me relationally. God made us this way–interconnected beings. For this reason, a regular rhythm in our lives can be refreshing, sustaining, and helpful.

Which brings me to your fall rhythms, Mariners! If you don’t manage your schedule, your schedule will manage you, and boss you around, and make you miserable. So plan the most important rhythms in your life now. Commit to them. Get them on the calendar if that’s what it takes.

Here are some spiritual rhythms I believe you should have this fall:

Worship with your church.
I’m grateful for our online audience each week. I’m grateful you tap into our services online with you travel, but there are some things you cannot get online! You miss the community of Christ-followers. You miss the opportunity to encourage others with your singing, even if it’s bad. You miss the opportunity to welcome others, to express a kind word to someone, to look for opportunities to bring encouragement to someone else. I encourage you to make worshipping together with your church a priority.

Be in biblical community.
People can say that “life groups” are important at a church our size because it is how you will be known by others. That’s true, but it’s also true once a church has over 100 people. You can’t be deeply known by lots of people. You can’t practice the “one anothers” of the Bible unless you’re in community with “one another.” So get plugged into one of our groups. Start with Rooted if you haven’t done so.

Serve others.
You cannot become more like Jesus without serving because Jesus’ mission, as He walked this earth, was to serve and to save. He served us and He invites us to serve others. There are lots of places to serve at our church and during our series in the book of Jonah (in October), we’ll invite you to serve in our local communities.

Let’s get those healthy rhythms in place!


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