Story Matters

Everyone has a story, and everyone’s story matters. God believes story matters too, and has been writing a beautiful story for thousands of years that includes each of us. C.S. Lewis once said, “We read to know that we are not alone.” The same is true of stories. When we hear stories, we know that we are not alone. Learn more about telling your story.

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We want to help tell your story.

It’s important to be able to tell your stories, but sometimes it can feel uncomfortable. The reason we may feel nervous is because we’re sharing a part of our lives with people, and that takes courage. Some of our stories are fun and easy to share, but some of them can be painful or more difficult to share. One of the most common responses that people have is, “I don’t have a story,” or “My story is small compared to others!” This is simply not true. Every person has a story, and any story that has to do with God is a big story that matters. Learn more about telling your story.



What if I don’t have a story, or what if I just have a small story?

Every person has a story, and any story that has to do with God is a big story that matters.


Where do I start, at the beginning?

While your whole life is a story, it is made up of many, many smaller stories. It’s hard to tell multiple stories at once, so it’s important to choose one to focus on.


Why is it important for me to tell my story?

In 1 Peter chapter 3 it says, “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.” Your stories are the best way to be prepared to explain the hope that you have. Telling our stories is one of the most simple and powerful ways to share who God is and why we put our faith in him! Whether it’s the story of how you came to believe in Jesus, or of a way that God has helped you grow - it is important to know it!


What if I don’t want people to think I have it all figured out, or that I’m better than I am?

The important thing for us to realize is that we don’t share our stories to make ourselves look good. None of us want to look like we’re patting ourselves on the back! We share stories because we want to tell people about how God has impacted our lives! While we are a huge part of our stories, the main character is always God.