Staff Contact List

Mariners Church Office – 949-769-8100


senior leadership – all church

kenton beshore

senior pastor 949.769.8393

laurie beshore

pastor 949.769.8388

beth ganem

executive pastor 949.769.8423

frank borst

chief operations officer 949.769.8405

dana kalionzes

executive assistant to senior pastor 949.769.8393

erin ferree

administrative assistant 949.769.8452

kacy ku

executive assistant to chief operating officer 949.769.8423

lorna lea

executive assistant to executive pastor 949.769.8296

lead pastor – Irvine

kyle zimmerman

lead pastor, Irvine 949.769.8219

dawn marraccino

lead pastor administrative assistant 949.769.8206

weekend experience – Irvine

joe hays

experience pastor 949.769.8466

danielle keef

weekend experience coordinator 949.769.8220

taylor tameifuna

programming coordinator 949.769.8373

ronny roa

sunday night pastor 949.769.8238

wes tameifuna

sunday night pastor 949.769.8135

daniel “dk” kim

worship pastor 949.769.8434

colby taylor

worship leader  949.769.8471

may angeles

worship leader 949.769.8374

stan endicott

worship leader 949.769.8379

russell crain

worship & music development director 949.769.8471

julie temple

worship administrative assistant 949.769.8338

family ministries – Irvine

trisha graves

family pastor 949.769.8381

dan hyde

family ministry operations director 949.769.8322

crystal binoeder

administrative assistant 949.769.8361

linda vujnov

family ministry director 

sheri morse

special events cordinator 949.769.8354 

children’s ministry – Irvine

jen epperson

children’s pastor 949.769.8386

karen meier

children’s administrative assistant 949.769.8462

alissa ford

special needs coordinator 949.769.8324

kim dekker

special needs coordinator 949.769.8415  email

tienna zuniga

childcare coordinator 949.769.8409 email

haven white

early childhood coordinator 949.769.8268

kristal zacharias

early childhood coordinator 949.769.8154

tracy zarubin

K/1 saturday coordinator 949.769.8176

renee chung

k/1 sunday coordinator 949.769.8443

jessica vigil

2/3 grade coordinator 949.769.8281  email

michael avila

4/5 grade coordinator 949.769.8362  email

megan jenson

early childhood resource coordinator 949.769.8255  email

beth rusmisel

elementary resource coordinator 949.769.8294

laura stuckey

children’s experience director 949.769.8419

emily nguyen

elementary experience coordinator 949.769.8490

carlee mcdonald

elementary experience coordinator 

jenna hoggard

early childhood experience coordinator 949.769.8255 

amy ramirez

creative coordinator 949.769.8415 

christina clifford

worship leader 949.769.8151

annie harley

childrens intern  email

junior high ministry – Irvine

justin herman

junior high pastor 949.769.8357

kristen carter

junior high ministry director 949.769.8363

brittany taylor

junior high worship leader 949.769.8230

jeremy schultheiss

junior high experience director 949.769.8335

david pokorny

junior high serve coordinator 949.769.8486

high school ministry – Irvine

alex beaverson

high school pastor 949.769.8412

torie mcb

director of high school ministry 949.769.8160

chase parker

high school worship leader 949.769.8176

jillian pedron

high school ministry coordinator 949.769.8165

david beavis

high school life groups coordinator 949.769.8178

parker johnston

high school experience coordinator 949.769.8473

kyle harwick

high school ministry coordinator 949.769.8179

erin vinzon

high school ministry coordinator 949.769.8433

keelyn dennis

high school ministry coordinator 949.769.8323

nolan henslick

high school ministry coordinator 949.769.8121

amanda fort

high school videographer 949.769.8276

community life – Irvine

shelly juskiewicz

pastor of community life & leadership development 949.769.8340

kathleen mathis

assistant to shelly juskiewicz 949.769.8171

eric heard

stewardship pastor 949.769.8344

erin kerr

life groups pastor

carmella hansberger

women’s pastor 949.769.8347

becca deming

women’s ministry life groups director

emily vandegrift

women’s ministry coordinator 949.769.8345

jack west

care and recovery pastor 949.769.8343

karen doyle

care and recovery director 949.769.8401

jessie hornibrook

care & recovery coordinator 949.769.8312 email

tim lukei

men’s and rooted pastor 949.769.8491

marc vinzon

rooted and men’s coordinator 949.769.8425

collin cumbee

pastor of prayer 949.769.8447

ines franklin

chapel pastor 949.769.8258

jennifer ip

life groups director 949.769.8325

ashley armendariz

rooted director 949.769.8226

conrad wozniak

college ministry pastor 949.769.8317

charlotte chambers

guest relations director 949.769.8221

denise shenton

administrative assistant 949.769.8259

autumn middleton

event coordinator 949.769.8148

tiffany anderson

life groups and adult ministries coordinator

outreach ministries – Irvine

robin riley

chief strategist 949.769.8454

christian mungai

global engagement pastor 949.769.8265

marisa leal

global engagement coordinator 949.769.8166

gerardo magana

local engagement pastor 949.769.8280

margie hausam

local outreach coordinator 949.769.8270

roddy garcia

operations director 949.769.8320

jonah haase

resource center director 949.769.8262

holiday zimmerman

outreach project manager 949.769.8191

tammy mcmullen

foster youth and family coordinator 949.769.8126

natalie mclaughlin

lighthouse community center director 949.769.8410

dalia ibarra

lighthouse community center site assistant 949.769.8183

jessica de la paz

lighthouse community center minnie street lead 949.769.8327

nallely arvizu

lighthouse community center citrus grove site coordinator 949.769.8484

nicole tait

director of faith adventures 949.769.8461

alex reyes

lighthouse community center teen coordinator 949.769.8149

hailey harrington

director of africa/middle east 949.769.8158

paul han

director of europe & asia 949.769.8152

luke hatakeda

latin america coordinator

kristen mcguire

administrative assistant 949.769.8136

gloria martinez

lighthouse community center operations lead 949.769.8128

maira mora

lighthouse community center wilshire site coordinator 949.769.8464

rexella matamoros

lighthouse community center irvine site coordinator 949.769.8417

robert tsuruya

serve coordinator 949.769.8161

serena martinez

lighthouse community center volunteer care & development coordinator 949.769.8128

sero ku

mobilization coordinator 949.769.8371

lance skiles

mobilization director 949.769.8485

edgar orozco

lighthouse community center site assistant 949.769.8163

rooted network

caleb anderson

president 949.769.8315

robin riley

executive director 949.769.8454

kristen mcguire

executive assistant & chief of staff 949.769.8136

matt olthoff

network development pastor 

jared kirkwood

creative director 

pamela philp

project manager 949.769.8125

lizzy paulos

project manager 949.769.8308

toby schimmoeller

shipping coordinator

communications – all church

kyle webb

brand director 949.769.8460

daryl mcmullen

webmaster 949.769.8416

ben koppin

videographer 949.769.8332

david orgill

videographer 949.769.8332

amy moylan

content manager 949.769.8326

alicia anzis

communications coordinator 949.769.8283

nicole angeles

graphic designer 949.769.8145


operations and development

todd otte

development and operations officer 949.769.8496

roman garcia

facilities director 949.769.8368

case beshore

network operations and development director 949.769.8245

aimée pedersen

facilities scheduling coordinator 949.769.8306

information technology – all church

beau beshore

information technology director 949.769.8244

paul joyner

helpdesk manager 949.769.8264

ben ginder

helpdesk specialist 949.769.8264

morgan purel

helpdesk technician 949.769.8264

katie hedd

ministryplatform director 949.769.8411

meagan specht

database coordinator 949.769.8411

bunny lipinski

database coordinator 949.769.8361

paige johnson

database coordinator 949.769.8487


tech arts – all church

jon armstrong

campus support manager 949.769.8313

edward williams

equipment and set manager 949.769.8134

beth coke

audio visual tech

finance – all church

collin cumbee

head of finance/accounting 949.769.8447

marci regan

accounting manager 949.769.8431

hsiu choe

senior accountant 949.769.8403

carol ross

accounts payable 949.769.8331

kay ayers

accounts receivable 949.769.8456

jennie bruce

accountant 949.769.8216

kathy estep

accounts receivable 949.769.8310

human resources – all church

clifton chang

human resources director 949.769.8376

suzanne beshore

human resources coordinator 949.769.8328

tyler alexander

receptionist 949.769.8100

casey shea

receptionist 949.769.8100

preschool – Irvine

lisa sciabica

preschool director 949.769.8333

jen eggers

assistant preschool director 949.769.8392

alice schonfeldt

preschool office coordinator  949.769.8455

jessica colon

preschool greeter 949.769.8261

café and bookstore – Irvine

manny ochoa

cafe manager 949.769.8130

andrea devin

bookstore director 949.769.8442

susie duernberger

bookstore director of merchandising 949.769.8218

claire leach

bookstore operations manager 949.769.8441

Service Times & Address

Saturdays: 5p | Worship Center | Messages
Sundays: 9a & 11a | Worship Center | Messages

Sundays: 9a & 11a | Chapel | Messages
7p | Upper Room | Messages